27 April 2014

The Beauty of Spring

Springtime has arrived in Ohio!

I spent the weekend working outdoors and it was wonderful! We pulled out the deck furniture and after noticing a number of nicks and scratches to the paint of my vintage glider, decided it was time to apply a fresh coat of paint! After it dried, the vibrant cushions were set back in place and wow, it sure did feel good to sit down for a few minutes to rest, relax and enjoy the serenity of nature. Birds chirping. Warm sun shining. A breeze blowing through the trees... rattling our deep, tenor windchime. Mixed with the scent of our freshly mown grass was the smell of smoke from the burn pile wafting through the air, easing the burden and mental clutter of papers collected and ready to be discarded following some intense indoor spring cleaning. And the dirt under my nails.... there isn't much better during early spring than cleaning out the flowerbeds, sitting beside blooming daffodils, making way for the colorful, petite and fragrant blossoms of summer.. impatiens, petunias and snapdragons, watching the ground as some perennials are already beginning to peek out of the soil and reach for the sun... and the earthy smell of fresh black mulch... I just can't imagine there can be a whole lot more inspiring in life than the wonder of mother nature.

Following our recent celebration of Easter, I couldn't help but spend my quiet time in the flowerbeds thinking about the rebirth and inevitable cleansing that comes with the season of spring. Getting rid of the dead, shriveled and brown leaves to make room for the green life of summer. Letting go of mistakes, burdens and wrong-doings, making room in our hearts for forgiveness and love. Choosing to have faith in the good Lord above and thanking Him for the blessings of every day. Today I am thankful for the beauty and purpose of every single living thing in nature!

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