28 March 2014

Preschool. Really, Already?

Matthew will be 3 on his birthday later this summer. 

It's hard to believe it's time for him to be starting preschool already!  I just learned today that he made it off the long waiting list and into an afternoon class for the 2014-2015 school year!

The class is "integrated" and each of the morning and afternoon sessions has 12 students.  The morning session is what's considered a special education room and as such is made up of 8 students with IEPs and 4 students without IEPs.  The afternoon session is not considered a special ed class, but still will have 6 students with IEPs and 6 students without.  I'm so excited for Matthew to participate in this classroom and am equally excited that his brother will join him in his preschool class next year when he's aged out of the Help Me Grow program. 

He will attend school for two and a half hours each day four days per week!  I'm so excited for him to participate next year, I'm sure he will love meeting new friends and having an opportunity to play and learn!!

I have an appointment in a few weeks to meet with the folks from the preschool to get all of his paperwork completed!

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