09 November 2013

Brother hugs

I had to write about this because I never want to forget how pure the love is between Matthew and Luke. 

This morning Matthew was eating his breakfast of Cheerios and home canned peaches (in front of the tv because my back hurt too bad to sit at the kitchen table with him).  Luke was sitting in my lap. As Matthew ate, he shoved a peach in his mouth, chewed it up real fast and ran towards me. He jumped up in the recliner with Luke and I and proceeded to  give Luke a huge bear hug while saying, "Love you brother." In that moment, Luke (who loves to give hugs) pushed his arms around his brother's head, twisted his fingers around Matthew's hair and pulled him in close and planted wide-open-mouthed, slobbery kisses all over Matthew's cheek. Matthew squealed and hugged him tighter. I sat and stared at the little boys in my lap and soaked up the moment. :)

As a mom, nothing fills my heart more than the love that is developing between the two of them. 

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  1. It's such a beautiful thing huh?! Your boys are the sweetest!