20 November 2012

Baby, You Are Loved

Dear Baby Luke:

A couple of nights ago, your brother was visiting with your Grammie Dawn while your dad and I were at a wedding reception.  When I went to pick him up afterwards, your Grandma shared a pamphlet with me that a neighbor had given her from the National Down Syndrome Society advertising an annual calendar they publish.  The brochure had pictures of babies with Down syndrome on it.  I managed to hold Matthew on my lap, even though my belly has grown large enough now that there is barely room for all three of us in one chair!  As I looked through each of the pages within the brochure, I was so touched as I watched your big brother unexpectedly bend over and offer kisses to the babies on the pages.  He also kept repeating his version of the word baby, which currently comes out as "bay-be".  The acceptance and love he already has for you was so heartwarming for me as I contemplate my future of being a mom to two boys.  I hope he is always able to maintain his love for others, especially for you, his baby brother!  As the two of you grow and learn from each other over the years, I will pray that you are able to build and nurture a special relationship that lasts a lifetime.

I'll love you forever,

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